24 August, 2016

Penultimate Noon Knitting

Yes we are really really getting down to the wire.  The second to last noon knitting will happen today.  I'll have to find myself another knitting group, won't I?  Knitting alone is like meditating and knitting together with friends is much different.  I'll miss it.

Yesterday I had an appointment in the morning and because somebody had made SUCH a fuss when I scooted out a bit early on Tuesday, I had to drive all the way in to work and then he never even came by.  What was so important, I have to wonder.  I got my desk mostly cleaned off and did some little things for Kate.  I need to get out of this toxic environment.  Too many unhappy people.

Ben is leaving this morning for San Francisco for two weeks.  I will be starting my retired life without him, but only a couple of days.  And now that we know the dates of this trip we can start to plan our September vacation - a little road trip in Oregon.  Part on the coast and part inland on the McKenzie River.  That will be lots of fun, especially if the weather is September perfection.  It should be nice, either way.

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