16 August, 2016

The temperature is rising steadily

Looking at the weather app on my iPhone I can see that we have nothing but clear skies and sunshine for the next 9 days at least and Friday, Saturday and Sunday they are predicting 90 degrees!  That is hot.  That is hot so that the house never cools down.  Well at least maybe the tomatoes will ripen.  The cherry ones are ripening but not the Romas and not the Early Girls.  Next year I am getting larger cages.

For Do Nothing Monday we re-watched the Seahawks game.  They are playing their second pre-season game this Thursday so if it's on Channel 13 again we're going to have to use the HD antenna.  Perhaps we should try it in the bedroom because there are fewer trees in the front.  It's makes Ben so frustrated.  I hope it works because it's no fun listening to him scream while I'm trying to watch.

I have lots of stuff to do at work and I don't give a hoot about any of it.  I am trying hard to buckle down and get stuff done but ... well, but nothing.  I just have to do it. 

I am sweating already.  And it's not supposed to be that hot today.  ick

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