02 August, 2016

Another hijacking

It was four or five years ago when my eBay account got hijacked.  This time it was my Netflix account.  The good thing is that I had just yesterday looked over my Nordstrom statement and noticed that Netflix is on that account, because I had to have the credit card number to get back into my account.  The person who hijacked it had changed not only the password but the login AND the phone number.  What an ass.  In Equador.  Well, they're out now.  I've changed that password to something new, as well as changing my Yahoo password just for giggles.  Next is the Apple password.  Again.  Okay.  That's done.  Hopefully nothing else gets taken over.  It is such a hassle changing these things.  And harder still to remember!

Yesterday was a brutal day.  SO busy but the good news is that the day scoots right by.  Today it is cloudy and I've only got one meeting.  Tons of things to do so hopefully it will scoot by as well.  I know - it is TERRIBLE to wish time away, however I am so very anxious to get on with it.

Perhaps with this cooler weather I can get up the energy to wind some yarn tonight.  I need a knit fix.

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