19 August, 2016

My day

Today is my retirement party.  I can't believe I am writing that but it's true.  I wish it could also be my last day of work but that will have to wait a bit.  I won't be working too hard these next two weeks, but still I will have to get up with the alarm.  Not for much longer.

The Seahawks had their second preseason game last night and it was another annoying time trying to watch it on TV.  The NFL Network cut the broadcast off and we had to use the HD antenna.  I just wish the game had been better.  They lost.  At home.  It wasn't pretty. 

So Ben is not flying out to San Francisco until next Wednesday so I think we'll go to Gig Harbor tomorrow and spend the night and see my friend Mike play with some friends.  It is too far to drive both ways, especially after a night out of music and fun.  Now I need to find us a place to stay.  That is not going to be easy.  If I can't find a place we are not going.

Well I have some nasty little chores I'd better get to.  I've already been putting them off long enough.

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