17 August, 2016

Noon knitting

When it's hot like it has been it's really not feasible for me to knit at home.  I just get too moist to handle the yarn.  So I really look forward to noon knitting at work because the room is air conditioned and I can really go to town.  Today I hope to finish off the first ball of yarn and turn the corner on the Venomous Tentacula I've been poking along on.  Then it's decrease time.

I made some lovely rosemary potatoes and pork chops for dinner last night with little tomatoes from my garden.  I noticed that finally one of the Early Girls is ripening.  Hoorah!  But the Romas are still green.

Since it's been so dry and it is nearing the end of August, a few of the leaves are dropping.  I can barely believe that I won't be coming back here in September.  I'm happy.  But it's quite unbelievable.  Yesterday a faculty member stopped by to wish me well.  He can't attend the party this Friday.  Small talk.  What am I going to do?  Make another life.  It'll be SO much fun.

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