01 August, 2016

August 1

So now every day of my last five weeks of working is one one calendar page on my wall above my desk here at work.  Five weeks.  It's hard to believe.

It was quite the frustrating weekend for me.  We got up early on Saturday to get a few errands run before we had to stay put to wait for the new tv satellite installation.  We have decided to put some posts around the deck in the garden and then string lights.  It will be AWESOME!  We went off to get the posts and the cement holders and bolts in the morning and ingredients for a nice soup - a great recipe from the Cooking Light magazine.  Ben found that he needed a couple more bolts so off he went and while he was gone the guy from Directv came.  I was SO excited to get NFL network back again, and channel 13 as well.  However, here's the bad news.  He couldn't get a clear line of sight.  Unless we cut down some trees, which isn't going to happen.  So I had to call Dish back and get that service turned back on.  Damn!  The woman on the phone assured me we'd have NFL Network by the time the season starts, but still no channel 13 and pre-season just weeks away.  Not good.

The soup turned out good.  I wish I could say as much for "Batman vs Superman", which we got on PPV Saturday night.  No wonder it's available so soon after release.

Sunday even though it was cloudy again we went to the Ballard market to get some fresh produce and some raviolis.  Then we went to Ray's Boathouse and sat upstairs in the bar in the sunshine and had a drink and some mussels.  Very nice.  Then we went for a drive looking for a new park, which we couldn't remember the exact location of.  We missed it and ended up driving all the way to Monroe!  But we did find a very nifty nursery and koi pond place, which we walked around like a park.  I was looking to purchase some anti-fungal powder for my roses, which because I have been watering them in the evening and spraying the leaves, they have got brown spot  mold.  But they didn't have any.  I got a cool thing for the back garden anyway.

It's been warm and muggy so I haven't been knitting.  I might have to wind some silk so I can because my hands are getting itchy to knit.

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