04 August, 2016

People make me CRAZY!!

Why oh why are people so freaking lazy?  And thoughtless?  Yesterday I used the last of my English breakfast tea and so I had to buy tea this morning.  I know that Monika bought three boxes of it for the coffee room so I thought nothing of it when I went in there this morning only to find the box EMPTY.  And turned upside down -- as if that's helpful.  Why couldn't the person who used the last bag let Monika know?  How is that so difficult??  She won't be in for another 30 minutes and so I have to sit here without my tea until then.  Just seething.  I hate people. 

Now that Ben's trip is set for after the 14th and the BBQ is fixed we have decided to have a party on the 13th.  That means I've got to get the invitation out today and hope that we can get a few people to come.  It's so hard in the summertime because there are only a few weekends and people make plans way in advance.  Oh well, that's the way it goes.

Noon knitting was fun yesterday and a nice break.  I nearly wound the silk last night but I had to help Ben with some Excel stuff and then it was too late.  I won't be knitting on my little vacation anyway.  I'll wait.

Today I've got a manicure at 3:30 so I'll have to leave early.  I would really prefer to NOT have to come in tomorrow since I have to be at the airport by noon.  We'll see.

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