15 August, 2016

What a perfect party

The title says it all.  It was a wonderful night.  Ben had invited two of our neighbor couples and they were SO nice and they got along very well with our other friends.  We started at 3 o'clock and the last couples toddled out around 11.  That's pretty good, I'd say.  It was hot, but not too hot and we got plenty of shade in the back.  My only complain is that I put a bit too much water into the red beans and it was quite soupy compared to how I usually make it.  The recipe calls for 6 to 8 cups of water and typically I only need 4.  I put in around six this time.  I don't know why .... I will remember for the next time.

I put the HD antenna onto the living room TV on Saturday and we were not getting a very strong signal.  And no wonder, considering all of the trees surrounding is in the back.  It was quite frustrating trying to watch the Seahawks when the picture and sound kept cutting in and out.  And then the guests arrived and it was a moot point.  I did happen to see the very last of the game and we won, which is awesome.  NFL network had it on at 10 o'clock last night so we recorded it and can watch it tonight.

Sunday was as I predicted - a little clean up, some grocery shopping, lunch out and plenty of relaxing.  I got the laundry done and that was it, even though I had intended to wash my car.  I was tired.  I actually think I'm coming down with something but with only three weeks to go I am trying to ignore the symptoms. 

Yes, three weeks.  This Friday is my retirement party and then the last two weeks ... not going to be much work getting done I don't suppose.  Mostly it'll be clean up.  I've got a bunch of stuff here that needs to be either thrown away, archived in some way or taken home.  I'll think about it next week.

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