26 August, 2016

Yay for the Seahawks

Last night was the third pre-season game and the Seahawks finally started looking like themselves.  They beat the Cowboys and played like they should play.  The offense got going.  It was a pleasure to watch.

Hot yesterday and it's going to be hotter still today, although we get relief for the weekend.  It might even rain this weekend.  Well I'll believe it when I see it, but it definitely will be cooler.  I don't have much going on for the weekend.  I need to order new contacts, which means I have to go to Costco.  I have a couple of planters in the front that I need to re-plant so perhaps Home Depot?  Dry cleaning and grocery shopping on Saturday and a good walk at the park with Tink.  On Sunday we are having our fantasy draft.  It is moved to 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I need to start practicing.  Seriously.

I worked SO hard yesterday.  I am still exhausted.  Oh lordy but only one more week of waking up to alarms.  Unless I have to catch an early flight somewhere, of course.  I am SO sick of that alarm.  Five more mornings.  Only five.  Can you see me grinning?

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