11 August, 2016

Still on vacation

Well I just can't come down from my birthday weekend high.  SO much fun.  Work?  Not so much, but busy busy busy.  I had a bad night last night - my asthma has been kicking my behind - and I am very tired today again.  I've got one meeting today at 9 and then another at 1:30 to hand off a web site.  Perhaps I'll go home a bit early today.  I've got to stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my red beans and rice for the party, and I've got to get the wine too.  Trader Joe's is very close to the Redmond TS so I can drive over there after I pick up my car.  Then the QFC is right next door and it carries the smoked pork chops I need for the beans.  Then I won't have to worry about running around after work on Friday - which is always NOT fun - and I'll have everything I need Saturday morning.

Another thing I need to get done is hook up the HD antenna so we can get the Seahawks' first pre-season game at 1 Saturday.  Ben took a look at it last night and it uses the coaxial cable rather than a HDMI cord.  That's good so we can hook it up to the living room TV and I won't have to unplug the DVD player.

I found out about my retirement party yesterday.  I had assumed they would just take me to lunch, like they did for Sandra.  But no, I'm to have a catered do here with the faculty invited as well as the staff.  That will be really nice!  I didn't expect that.

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