03 August, 2016

My keyboard may melt

I know that August is always crazy but this one seems even crazier than normal.  Well "normal" since these past couple of years have been anything BUT normal, work-wise.  I have a deadline and a big push to meet it.  I worked solid, non-stop yesterday except for about 45 minutes when I went outside and walked as fast as I could.  I am leaving a bit early tomorrow to get my manicure and then Friday I have to leave here in time to get to the airport parking at noon for a 2:30 flight to LA.  The lines at the SeaTac security are insane so I'm not taking any chances.  I do not want to miss that flight.  My sister and nephews have a wonderful birthday weekend in store for me.  I want to start as soon as possible.

Good news on the BBQ front - the other replacement part, the hot rod, came yesterday and Ben installed it and voila! The smoker works!  Hooray!  I had no idea we counted on that as much as we do.  Tonight burgers and tomorrow steaks.  Nice.

I am looking forward to noon knitting.  I don't think I've picked up a piece of knitting since last Wednesday!  I need a fix.

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