25 August, 2016

One of my super favorite things

You know that I love love love to plan vacations.  It is just SO much fun!  I am tasked with putting together a week in Oregon and I knew two things for sure - that we want to stay at a particular place on the Mckenzie River and that we want to go hear music at the Roadhouse 101 in Lincoln City.  So first I found out when the music is going to be happening, which is Saturday nights.  Since we want to be driving home on a Saturday that means that we have to start in Lincoln City and finish up inland.  This is what I think we're going to end up doing -- A day and a half in Portland for business, then leave Friday afternoon and drive to Lincoln City, stay Friday night, Saturday night music then Sunday morning head further down the coast to Yachats, a couple nights there, maybe a third night in Florence and then drive inland on Wednesday and spend Wednesday night and Thursday night on the River, Friday drive to McMinnville and spend the night there and go to that French restaurant and then Saturday drive home.  I've got a lot of reservations yet to make.  We're taking Tinkerbell along with us so that makes it a little more difficult.  Not impossible though, because people bring their dogs to the beach all the time. 

I was busy laminating pictures of brains for the sites yesterday.  I've got to finish that up today and then start on 14 sets for Seattle.  It is mind numbing, repetitive work.  Brainless.  Oh lordy ... the end is in sight.  Just today, tomorrow and then one last week.  Yesterday I made a fabulous spa appointment for myself on my first official day of retirement - well I mean the first day I would have been at work, which is September 6.  Oh that is going to be wonderful.  First I'm going to buy myself a little present at Shane -- a ring I have been eying -- and then the spa.  And I'll probably still have money left from my parting gift. 

Last night was pretty quiet.  I tidied up, got all the plants watered, watched a little silly TV and then the latest episode of Hard Knocks.  A little dinner, a little reading and then Tink was ready for bed.  Like NOW.  I was tired so off we went.  She did wake me around 11:30 for a quick potty outside, then right back to sleep and I slept straight through until my alarm went off.  Oh man .... only six more times do I have to hear that freakin' alarm. 

I really want to knit but it's just plain too hot.  It's going to be in the 80's today and into the 90's tomorrow.  Thank goodness the house stays relatively cool.

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