22 August, 2016

Too hot for Tink

We were intending to take Tink with us to Gig Harbor, but the weather was just plain too hot!  I knew that we wouldn't be able to leave her in the hotel room when we went out, so that means she'd have to be in the car and there is no way I would leave her in the car, even starting at 7 pm, because it still would be too hot.  And it was - way too hot.  Luckily they had room for her at the Doggie Care Resort, so we took her up there where she could play in the fountain and play with the other doggies and enjoy the weather instead of being uncomfortable.

We headed out around 10:30 and got there before our room was ready, so we went to downtown Gig Harbor, an old town on the water, and had lunch at the Tides Tavern.  Very good.  Then walked the town.  Heritage Distillery has a store there, of all things, so I walked in since they had last year's advent calendars on sale.  Instead of a chocolate each day of December, you get a little shot of their liquor.  Sold!  And I bought a mini of the Brown Sugar Bourbon because I wanted to try it.

We had a little lay down, but the air conditioner in the room was absolutely WAY too loud.  So we headed out again, Ben craving ice cream, and he had a little snack and we did a little stroll around Home Goods, where Jill took me all those years ago when she was dating Hoverson.  I still have the salad bowl I bought there. 

Mike was playing in between the sets Doug's band was playing, and also Jim Valley was playing.  It's confusing and I was confused and it was hot.  The venue was a coffee shop/wine bar that has live music on the weekend.  Small.  The menu was basically snacks.  But they had beer for Ben and I was driving so I was sipping wine.  I don't like being the designated driver.  It's difficult for me to have fun, frankly.  Especially in situations that are not much fun anyway.  The crowd was noisy.  The sound system was messed up and McGarrah was nervous that nobody would be able to hear him.  Well anyway, it turned out okay.  Not fantastic but okay.  I was glad to get out of there.

Yesterday we headed back and it was cloudy and cold!  I hadn't brought a sweater or long sleeved shirt even and it had clouded over and was about 20 degrees colder than the day before.  Not fun.  We did the grocery shopping then headed home so I could change into more suitable clothes, then up to Alderwood Mall so Ben could get a few more pairs of shorts and I could get some face cream.  Lunch at Preservation Kitchen.  Yum.  And then I went home and fell asleep!  I mean I fell asleep and slept until 3:30 when Ben woke me to go pick up Tinkie.  She had had a great time and was wet and dirty when we got there.  I didn't feel like washing her but I'm going to leave here early today and give her a good bath.

So -- yes, here I am at work and I've really got to dig in and get the few last workie details done and start cleaning up!  Seriously.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning so I'm working from home tomorrow.  I'm going to be coming in late and leaving early.  My retirement party was good on Friday but I cried - embarrassing.  But that seemed to put the end to it, you know?  It's odd I have to be around and most people are looking at me like I'm crazy.  But that's how I set it up.  I didn't expect to have my party two weeks before my last day.  Ah well ... in late and leave early.  I can deal with that .

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