14 July, 2011

64 degrees

That is the temperature in my office this morning.  One of my friends loaned me a thermometer yesterday so that I could know exactly how cold it was in here.  Not that it helps in any real way because I can complain until I am blue in the face and nothing will change, but still.  Knowledge is power.  However .... this may be a moot point in the very near future.  As I was having lunch yesterday our part-time handyman said to me, "I hear I may be moving you soon".  What's that??  I said ...."Oh no, not me.  I know that so-and-so is moving but not me".  And then he said something to the effect that I will be offered a spot in the new wing that a faculty member is vacating to move into this wing!  Holy cow!  That would be SO awesome!!  An office with a window!  But since no one has said anything to me yet he was either misinformed or they're going to surprise me so I must pretend I don't know anything about it.  But oh ... wouldn't that be wonderful?!!

Even though my office was cold and uninviting as always yesterday, outside it was glorious!  A surprise sunny day in the midst of a week of predicted clouds and drizzle.  It stayed nice all afternoon and evening.  Not warm exactly but decent.  The clouds and drizzle are back today but I still feel buoyed by the sunshine I soaked up yesterday and the hopes of a move.

The sunshine put me in a wonderful mood (again, also the potential of a new office) and I had a nice evening.  I did get some knitting done.  I was talking to the ladies at the noon knitting yesterday and I'm not the only one who has a hard time knitting in the summer.  It's logical.  Nevertheless I spent a couple of hours, with breaks for Tink play time and walks, working on the mitts for Kelli, then read until too late, as become my custom lately. 

I am still enjoying my iPad.  I have to give it back next Tuesday and then start scheming on how to get one of my own!  Oh, I will hate to give it back.  There's another meeting of the committee today.  I am not going to take it with me in case they decide to snatch it back early!

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