26 July, 2011

The problem with being a delicate flower

I indulged myself Sunday evening and ate a delicious hamburger with bacon and cheese and jalapenos and  ... oh, who knows what else.  Then topped it off with a side of garlic fries.  My mind lllllloved it!  My body?  Not so much.  In fact it didn't want any of it and made that perfectly clear yesterday.  I lasted at work until about 11 and then took the show to my apartment where I laid low for the rest of the day.  The good news is that I actually did ten rows on the Milanese Shower Bolero. 

The rain persists.  It was raining hard yesterday evening when I took Tink out and it's raining again this morning.  And chilly.  It feels like autumn already.  Oh.  Wait.  I promised not to complain about the weather any more, didn't I?  I want to start planning my Europe trip but I am going to make myself wait until I get back from Las Vegas before I do.  It is still SO far off.

I've got a meeting this morning.  This week is going to be busy.  I do hope to be able to get a run in today.  I feel fine now so it would only be not happening if it is pouring outside.  Sprinkles I can deal with but not a downpour.  If that is the case I'll work extra hard at home tonight.

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