06 July, 2011

My hair is out of control

I am thinking about making a change.  This time of year it is so difficult to keep my hair looking decent.  The drier air means less curl so by the end of the day my hair is a mess, especially if I've had a run.  Last time I had my hair done I asked her to blow it out straight and I liked it.  My sister was trying to strong arm me into having a smoothing treatment while I was in LA but I was not quite sure about it and would rather have something like that done by the woman who is used to my hair.  And then if one gets a smoothing treatment the hair has to stay straight until it wears off.  I think a better solution for me would be to have her make the cut a little more suited to a straight style and then I'll have the option.  I just know I have to do something different.  Just because.

The weather is summery again today!  Yesterday I did indeed get to run in my running skirt and it was just wonderful!  Since I'd been off for most of two weeks I didn't exactly burn up the trail, but I kept a steady pace for the entire 30 minutes and was only short of 2.5 miles by a touch over 2/10ths.  Not bad.  

I had hoped to do a good bit of knitting on the fingerless mitts for my sister and watch a movie last night, but neither of those things happened.  After Tink's long walk and working out, phone calls and dinner that pretty much took up the evening.  I headed to bed a bit early to read but some idiot was outside setting off more fireworks so Tink was a wreck.  That should be the end of it though.  Next year I'm going to get her some doggie Valium.  My friend Andy did that for his dogs and he said it helped a lot.

This morning I get to pick up an iPad to use for 2 weeks!  I am excited!  Although I am sure once I get my hands on one it's going to be very difficult to give it back at the end of the two weeks.  And it's for work so I can't really download all my stuff onto it.  By the end of the two weeks I hope I'll have a pretty good grasp of its classroom pros and cons. 

Noon knitting today so no running, which is fine because it's even warmer today.  I brought the mitts in hopes I can finish up the first 3 inches and be ready to start the thumb gusset this evening.  Again, there's something about knitting when one is obliged that rather sucks the fun out of it but it is a labor or love and therefore a bit less sucky.

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