22 July, 2011


Yesterday before I went out for my run I walked down to the end of the hall and looked outside to gauge the precipitation.  It looked to me as if it was still misting, like it had been in the morning.  Therefore I did not put on a waterproof jacket  nor did I wear a hat but instead went out as usual with a scarf for my brow and a light jacket.  Oh what a mistake that was.  In the time between my peek outside and getting there myself it started to rain in earnest.  I got soaked to the skin!  Yes, it was actually a very good run but I was dripping when I got back inside and I was so uncomfortable.  I do keep a clean dry towel in my office for such occasions so I dried myself off and put my regular clothes back on right away rather than wait until after lunch, which is what I usually do.  I had to completely reapply my makeup because it was washed off and pull my hair back because it was dripping wet.  Normally I wouldn't have bothered but I had a second meeting at 1:30 so I wanted to look at least half way presentable.

I had to cut out a little early to take care of Tink's ears and the rain had stopped and it was a decent evening.  After her walk and my workout, while I was cooking my dinner, I started messing with my iPhone.  I had to install new iPhone software and new iTunes software, then I downloaded a bunch of stuff - new  TV show I want to try out, and the first season of another that I never got around to watching, as well as a new audiobook.  My inner voice has an Irish accent these days.  I just finished "Minding Frankie" and today started the latest Benjamin Black, "A Death in Summer".  I don't mind having an Irish sounding inner voice.  It's kind of soothing.

It looks as if we'll be getting a decent weekend with plenty of sunshine and even some warm temperatures.  I have a thousand and one things to do tomorrow and I hope I can get a bike ride in on Sunday.   I'd also like to do some knitting!  What the heck is wrong with me???  I was seriously considering picking up the Milanese Shower Bolero last night - not that I did, mind you, but I was thinking about it.  Perhaps Saturday afternoon after I have worn myself out doing chores, I can pick it up.  I hope so.

Well, let's get this day started, shall we?  Then before I know it - the weekend!!

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