19 July, 2011


It's getting close to the time when training camp should be starting and still the lock-out is in place.  I know we will have college football regardless of the outcome but it just won't be the same without NFL football.  I don't suppose anyone is truly willing to forgo any part of the season so a deal will be done, but maybe later rather than sooner.  I know it's silly to fret about it but I do so look forward every year.  Nothing for it - just have to wait like everybody else.

Today is the day I have to give the iPad back to the folks downstairs.  I guess I'm just going to have to get creative and find a way to get one of my own.  I have learned from this all too brief try-out period that I don't need the one with 3-G coverage.  So right there that saves me over $100 plus another monthly fee.  Maybe when I'm in Las Vegas I'll win some money.  heh

I started searching for flights for November yesterday.  I had a quick little chat with Emma, who is still doing training in Chicago.  So near and yet so far!!  It is going to be super fun to spend some time with her again!  So, as I said, I started searching for flights and I found a new -- well, new for Seattle and me -- airline that has the best prices so far and a pretty good schedule.  Iclelandair offers flights from Seattle to London for nearly $300 less than the lower BA flights I was able to find.  Nothing booked yet but so far they are looking like the best choice.

I didn't get to run in shorts yesterday because it wasn't nice until later in the afternoon.  Then it was gorgeous!  And warm!  That lasted into the evening.  It's supposed to be nice again today - not hot but pleasant.  I suspect we're not really going to get a summer this year.  My life is so ... so weird right now anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.  If things work out with the meetings my chairman has asked me to help with then I'll get to go to Hawaii in January so I can have some beach time then.  Oh!  And it's going to be blistering hot in Las Vegas so maybe I can have some pool time there if we can find a place with shade and misters.  That reminds me -- must get a new bathing suit.  Maybe this coming weekend.

No knitting last night.  I feel like a naughty girl - projects lined up and mocking me.  I will bring my mitts in for knitting tomorrow.  I really do want to get those done for my sister. 

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