29 July, 2011

Ah the little things in life ....

Because I wasn't expecting anything, when I opened my mailbox last night and found not one, but two new magazines ... ahhh, a girlie evening awaited.  The new Interweave Knits and the new InStyle magazines both arrived on the same day.  It was gorgeous yesterday and I had a super fabulous run at lunch.  Sometimes taking a break can be the best thing for my speed and endurance.  I felt like I had wings on my heels.  My intention was to get home, walk Tinkerbell and then workout and when I found the magazines that was the rest of my evening planned.  But while I was walking Tinkerbell one of my neighbors called out to me, asking if I was going to the party at the pools.  I had completely spaced the party and so I asked if there would be wine there or ...?  He said he was sure there would be something and I should definitely come and meet my neighbors ... blah blah blah.  I didn't want to be rude so I said sure and when our walk was finished I changed into some shorts and a T-shirt and reluctantly went downstairs.  And it was definitely NOT my scene.  The drinks consisted of water, sugared sodas and juice boxes and one of the men was at the grill cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  Since my last encounter with a hamburger was still vivid in my memory, I wanted nothing to do with that.  I grabbed a bottle of water and introduced myself to some of my neighbors and left a few minutes later, my excuse being I was going to get some salad.  Which I did and I went back upstairs and drank some wine and read magazines.  It was a fine evening, ending up with some football news.  Thank goodness for the NFL network.

I spent all last year, it feels like, making myself as unattractive as I possibly could (and still live with myself) so it is a joy to me now to be again interested in fashion and looking my best.  It's fun!  I forgot how much I liked to read fashion magazines and pine for shoes I will never ever be able to a) afford or b) have someplace to wear.  Slowly but surely I am becoming more and more social and that seems to grow.  The more social I am the more invitations there are and the more opportunities to do fun things.  Ah .. I guess FUN is the word for the day.   When I have someone urging me to make some time in my schedule for a dinner at Canlis, well it hardly gets better than that.  Tonight though it's just a sleazy bar crawl, which can be fun and you are guaranteed a laugh or two. 

I am going to save Saturday for Tink and me.  It's going to be a nice day so we'll have a super long walk, and I can do my chores and shopping and get in some good knitting and maybe even watch a few movies.  If it's not raining on Sunday I think I'll go to the driving range.  I've got a friend badgering me to go golfing with him and I don't want to get out onto a course again without spending some time at the driving range.  It's too embarrassing.  And just think -- in a few weeks we'll have football on Sundays!!

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