13 July, 2011

The logic escapes me

I found a notice at my door yesterday when I got home telling me that starting next Monday painters will begin to repaint the apartment balcony railings.  And then the note went on to list the various items that were not allowed on the balconies themselves including barbecue grills and furniture.  That last one had me baffled.  It's a balcony and we are not allowed to have a patio chair?  I don't see how that can be.  I will take my two chairs off the balcony anyway so that they don't get paint splattered and put them back out when the work is done.  No one has said anything so far, so perhaps they  just mean inside furniture.  Do I even need to say how much I *hate* apartment living??  It is a situation that will not go on forever, I know.  And even though the other party may drag his feet as much as the law allows, there is a end to this. 

My run yesterday was most satisfying - not quite up to speed but still a good run.  The rain held off but it was cloudy which didn't do my mood any good.  After my workout in the evening and after dinner I actually saw blue sky - it was the nicest part of the day and it lifted my mood some, so Tink got another good walk.   I had a lovely evening ahead of me and I couldn't make myself pick up any knitting at all!  I had a good book to read, and my iPad to play with and TV that I had recorded not to mention two DVDs to watch.  An embarrassment of entertainment riches.  So I wallowed in it - watched some TV, then played with the iPad.  McG had told me about yet another English TV comedy series he had found on Netflix and I promised to take a look.  It was okay - a little broad for my taste - called "The IT Crowd".  He gets something in his teeth though and goes after me and after me until I at least take a look.  Sometimes he can be very annoying.   Last night was one of those nights.  He kept calling me to help him search for something on his computer.  Really?  You don't know how to use the search function??  If I could have reached through the phone I would have slapped him.  But someone came to his door so he had to hang up and then I turned the phone off.  Problem solved.  I read until late but slept soundly.

It must have rained in the night because the ground was wet in the morning although I saw patches of blue through the clouds.  I don't have much hope for decent weather though -- not according to the app I have on my iPhone (and my eyes).  But it's noon knitting today so at least I don't have to worry about running in the rain.  And maybe we'll get some good weather on the weekend.  I would like to go to the driving range.

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