07 July, 2011


As I feared, the iPad has captivated me.  It took a while to get the Wi-Fi connection at work and I was a little confused at first.  But as I walked the corridors with it I managed to snag the signal and then didn't have any trouble with it the rest of the day.  The battery life is incredible.  We had a couple of Apple representatives at our meeting on Tuesday and they were saying it has a 10 hour battery life and followed that statement up with "and that's with normal usage").  So many times a mobile phone will tout some ridiculous battery lifetime but once you listen to some music or play a few games the battery is drained.  Not so with this this iPad.  I messed with it for hours at work yesterday, then took it home and watched Netflix and several other shows through the wireless connection and it still had over 40% by the time I went to bed.  I haven't even scratched the surface yet with regards to its capabilities as a classroom tool. 

The pool area was getting a lot of use yesterday, even as late as 7:30 when I took Tink out for a potty run.  I think the water would be much too cold for me yet.  It was hot yesterday - over 80 - but even so I don't think those pools would be near warm enough.  The children on the other hand were having a ball.  I am SO happy I didn't get an apartment on the courtyard side of the building.

Despite having an easy evening - just lazying around basically - I am groggy this morning.  The clouds have moved in and it was misty on the way to work.  I will have to wear long pants for my run today.   Regardless of whether it's cloudy or sunny, my allergies are still going crazy!  After walking Tink yesterday I was sneezing and sneezing.  There was lots of freshly mowed grass and she loves to roll in it, but when I'm in allergy mode all I have to do is see grass and I start sneezing.  It's a bit awkward at times.

I spent the entire noon hour yesterday working on those mitts but didn't even take them out of the bag when I got home.  I am sure the iPad will loosen its hold on me at some point and I can get back to it.  This weekend, perhaps.

I need to start making concrete plans for my birthday in Las Vegas.  It is a bit difficult though because I am at my sister's mercy when it comes to the hotel since she is supposed to be setting up a group discount for us at Mandalay Bay.  If I don't get something from her this weekend I'm going to have to start bugging her daily.  I need to make air reservations soon.

Then ... when the August trip is done I can start making plans for my European vacation in November.  That's going to be fun fun fun.  Fun.  I don't care at all what the weather is like.  I just want to see my people.  I miss them all SO much that it hurts sometimes.  That light at the end of the tunnel is just a pin prick now but I know it's growing every single day.

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