05 July, 2011

Oh this real world!

These week long vacations are tough.  I was just getting used to being a lady of leisure.  I am glad that I came back from California on Sunday, even though it was a long travel day.  I was able to get organized, get my laundry done and do some serious relaxing yesterday.  I tried to go to bed around 10 but the fireworks were really bothering Tink.  I'd just start to drop off and then boom! She'd start trembling and try to crawl under the duvet, but that would be too hot, so she'd come up and try to burrow under the pillows .... it was tough.  I did wake up refreshed and not tired, luckily.

While I was visiting my sister she was complaining about her hands getting freckled from driving and she asked me to make her some fingerless mitts.  Considering that I hadn't really gotten a project together for the trip, that was perfect and we had a lovely time picking out the yarn in a gorgeous shop on Ventura Boulevard.

Shopping seemed to be the main thrust of the California portion of my vacation.  My sister and her boyfriend have just moved to a house in Sherman Oaks and it is still just getting put together.  The guest room is my sister's dressing room/office and for most of the time I was dodging boxes to get to my little sleeping couch.  As much as she wanted to get things put together, it was also her vacation time so she didn't spend much time on that.  On my first day there we went to the Outlet Mall, which is an exhausting shopping trip at the best of times.  I had a bit of fun though, and found a couple of tops, a great dress and two awesome pairs of jeans.  They need to be hemmed but ... well, they're just awesome!  On Wednesday we met a friend in Santa Monica and strolled through a few stores at the new mall and I snagged a gorgeous pair of shoes.  Two days of shopping pretty much did me in, but that didn't stop my sister from dragging me to yet another marathon day of shopping.  I didn't get anything that trip except very hungry.

The weather is amazing here!  Summertime temperature and blue skies.  I will be running in my skirt today, that's for sure because it's already warm.  And I think it's going to be a busy week.

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