18 July, 2011

Still nothing finished

Sad but true.  I could not get going with a knitting project this weekend.  I did a little bit on the mitts and a little bit on the cardigan, but neither one was completed.  I got up at a decent hour on Saturday but it was gloomy and misty and just plain icky outside.  I tried to get a long walk in with Tink but it was raining too hard and I wasn't dressed for it, so I put her back in the apartment and did my grocery shopping, hoping the rain would stop enough for us to get a good walk in.  We had another short one and then I spent the entire afternoon just lazing around, a little knitting, a little reading ..... just boring.  I really wanted to go for a bike ride or go to the driving range but the weather was not cooperating.

Sunday was just as bad, weather - wise, but I had ALL my chores to do since I had been a lazy girl Saturday.  After cleaning and laundry and two medium walks with the dog, I headed out for some shopping.  I had to replace the doormat that was stolen a few weeks ago [I know ... who would steal a doormat??] and I needed to find a compact carpet cleaning machine.  I have had workmen in my apartment a couple of times to fix the dishwasher and the leaking bathtub tap and they (he?) left dirty, greasy footprints on my carpet.  The spot cleaner is not doing the job and since I left the nice one I had gotten last year at my other house when I left, I had to find a replacement.  There will be painters coming in and out to paint the balcony railings this week and when they have finished I can clean the carpet and hopefully it will stay clean for a while! 

I am loving my new hairdo.  Dana did a great job with the haircut and she toned down the highlights a bit.  I feel like a new woman.  I can't wait to get my name changed back.  I was really hoping it would be done so I could get a new passport before my trip in November but, alas, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening.  No use getting upset about it.  This is a process.  Step by tiny step.

It's going to be nice today.  Maybe even over 75 degrees!  I might be able to run in my skirt at lunchtime, depending on the clouds.  They were disappearing pretty quickly when I was coming in to work.  I love running with bare legs.  It feels like I am going so fast! 

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