25 July, 2011

Finally some good news

I haven't read the article yet but from the headline it looks like the football strike is over.  Oh we all pretty much knew they wouldn't NOT have football but it's good to know that it's all over and they can start training camp on time.

We had an absolutely stunningly beautiful weekend.  Today it is cloudy and windy and was even sprinkling when I was walking into the building but the entire weekend was gorgeous so I don't much care if it's nasty today.   Although, if it's raining at lunchtime I will indeed put on a hat and the waterproof jacket.  I do not want a repeat of last Friday.

I had a funny experience yesterday evening while eavesdropping.  It isn't something I would do on purpose, but I was out and my friend had gone to the restroom, so I was sitting along at the bar and heard these two guys talking about someone they knew who pronounced the word "women" as "woman".  The same whether he was talking about one woman or more than one woman.  That is something my soon-to-be-ex does and I couldn't believe that there was more than one person with this ridiculous affectation so I excused my interruption and asked them who they were talking about.  Yup.  Same guy.  Oh heavens, did we laugh!   Then we had to talk about why he would do such a ridiculous thing.  I did point out that he mispronounces quite a few words, actually.  Sometimes the mispronunciations were so crazy that I didn't understand what he was trying to say!  For example, for jaguar he says "jag wire"!  I said I thought it was some sort of affectation that he thinks makes him look edgy or cool, when in fact it just makes him look ignorant and uneducated.   They agreed.  I got quite an earful.  Poor guy.  It would just kill him if he knew how his contemporaries in the business talked about him. 

Two weeks until Las Vegas.  I can't wait.  It's going to be hard going to get through these next two weeks. 

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