28 July, 2011

Wait .... is this a punishment?

I few weeks ago I ran into a custodian in the hall and asked him if he had a mop I could use to clean the filthy floor in my office, since it is never ever washed.  That's when I was told the little secret - if you want your office floor cleaned regularly you must make the request.  Ah ha!  So that I did, and the next day my floor was clean and ever since, every month at some point the floor is washed.  Unfortunately .... I don't think they are very careful with it because this morning while the floor is clean, it smells icky.  It will air out now that the door is open but ... come on!

I had another lazy, self-indulgent evening last night.  It was good!  Tinkie got three small walks and I watched the NFL network, now that I have it turned on and there is actually some football news out there.  The Seahawks have let our quarterback go -- to Tennessee where, it turns out, he'll be mentoring Jake Locker, the Husky who was taken in the first round.  And now the Seahawks are left with Charlie Whitehurst and we'll be getting another couple of quarterbacks.  I heard Matt Linehart's name bandied about since the coach was his college coach.  And Tavaris Jackson is coming from the Vikings.  It'll be a shake up.  And not too many weeks from now!

I was thinking about going down to Oregon this weekend but have shelved that plan.  Scott and Debbie are working at the Oregon Jamboree all weekend so it wouldn't be any fun for me there.  Oh well, I've got the following weekend to look forward to!

I worked a bit on the little bolero at lunch yesterday but nothing last night.  Maybe tonight I'll feel like knitting.  I am almost done with the sleeves on the Kaleidoscope cardigan.  That's good TV knitting.  It's pretty nice outside so I am going to get back onto the workout wagon, run at lunch and workout in the evening.  I certainly do NOT want to grow out of these awesome jeans.  I'm wearing the second pair of my nice jeans today.  They're perfect as well.  I'd rather be wearing shorts though.  I hope we get some more nice weather soon before it's autumn.

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