27 July, 2011


When I was a teenager and a young adult I slept hard.  In order to get up in the morning I would have to put my alarm clock across the room so that I would need to get out of the bed in order to shut it off.   The alarm itself had to be very loud and annoying - no music.  Music would just become part of my dreams.  I believe this is pretty typical behavior.  These days I have my clock right by my head and the alarm is music which slowly, very very slowly, fades in.  Of course I hear it almost right away.  I sleep very lightly most of the time, especially when it is nearing time to get up.  Often times when I'm taking Tink around the gardens in the morning I can hear an alarm clock wailing away somewhere on the second or third floor in a bedroom that faces the courtyard.  This morning it went on and on and on for the entire time we were out there, which had to be at least 5 minutes and maybe more.  That person sleeps HARD.  If s/he were my neighbor I'd be banging on the door.

I had a very bad day yesterday.  Monday it was raining, and I was not feeling well so I didn't get my run nor did I work out in the evening.  Yesterday it was also raining and my knee was feeling a bit dicey so I had a walk instead of a run, but that didn't lift my spirits one little bit.  I had an indulgent evening and I am feeling pretty good today, but I won't run because it's Wednesday and we've got noon knitting and then I've got a meeting at 1.  I'll get back on the fitness routine tomorrow.

Kelli and I shopped at the outlet mall when I was in California and I treated myself to two pairs of really REALLY nice jeans which I had to take to get hemmed up.  I picked them up yesterday evening and I'm wearing a pair right now.  I can't say that they're worth the MSRP and even at the outlet mall they were a splurge but they do fit like a dream and they're very comfortable and they look nice.  The woman who hemmed them matched the thread perfectly.

Because I have been feeling down I thought it might be nice to get away this weekend and go to Oregon to visit my friend Scott and also I have a couple of friends from high school down there that I could visit as well.  I can't decide if I should do it or not.  It's a very long drive - 5 hours.  And I will be going away the following weekend so ...... well, I go back and forth.  Should I?  It would mean changing an appointment I have Friday - *if* I could change it.  gah ..  I'll keep thinking.

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