08 July, 2011

Well this is a surprise

I hit the button to go to my blogger compose page and the interface is completely different!  Usually the changes are implemented a bit at a time but this is ... entirely new.  It's a very clean interface but it's going to take some getting used to and exploration.  Not now though.  I've gotten a slow start today.  I went out to hear some music last night and didn't hear my alarm this morning -- which means I must have just turned it off when it did register.

I got a HUGE ego boost yesterday afternoon.  It's nice when they come when you can really use them.  I was standing waiting for my second bus on the way home yesterday on the narrow street that is one of the reasons I don't ride my bicycle in to work these days.  I had my ear buds in and I was just pacing up and down waiting for my bus when I heard a bus honking.  One of the men standing there with me looked at me and said something I couldn't hear because of the ear buds.   I took them out and he said, "Did you see that?".  "No, but I heard the honking".  "Well, that bus driver was looking at you and didn't see the bicyclist!"    I don't suppose I'd be so happy about it if the cyclist had been hit, but it ended well and I'm going to enjoy it.

The weather has changed around and I was so cold yesterday I kept my coat on all day!  I warmed up when I ran, but then got another chill.  This damned air conditioning!  And there's nothing I can do about it.  It's very annoying.

After I got home, walked Tink, worked out and then got showered and ready to go I didn't have any time at all to knit.  I was hoping to finish those mitts up this weekend but I'm going to have to put in some big chunks of time to make that happen.  So far I don't have anything concrete on the books so maybe I can make it happen.

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