20 July, 2011

Record breaking

I had an incredible run yesterday at lunchtime!  I brought my super light shoes in from home for a change.  Also, I was listening to music rather than my audiobook, which is what I have been doing lately.  Those are the only two changes I made and it seemed to do the trick of stepping up my game, as it were.  I ran the fastest mile I've done since I've been using the Nike + GPS app on my iPhone.  I started using that app February 2th and have run 123.4 miles while using it.  Yesterday I ran a mile in 11:15.  Granted that's not a 10 minute mile, which is where I would like to be, but it's pretty darned good.  I was very pleased.  And I wasn't gasping for air and I had gas in the tank when I finished my 30 minutes.  My next race is not until September.  I'm going to work hard for a better time. 

The weather is just horrible.  Cloudy and cold, breezy and sprinkling.  I know we had some good weather a couple of weeks ago and we do have the odd day or afternoon here and there but  ... that's not summer!  I suppose if we do get some decent and hot weather I'll be complaining about that so I'll shut up about it.  It does get me down though.

Thank goodness for noon knitting, otherwise I wouldn't get any work done on my projects!  Yesterday evening got all messed up and I wasn't having my dinner until nearly 8 o'clock!  Then it was walk Tink, finish watching a program I had recorded and started and then it was time for bed!  I just feel a bit guilty because I know my sister wants those mitts but ah well ... that's the way it goes.

The plans for the Las Vegas birthday bash are coming along nicely.  It looks like we've all got rooms at the Mandalay Bay, which is handy.  Now I've got to research tickets for a show Saturday night.  I would really like to see Ron White if the prices aren't too steep.  I do understand that the weather is going to be super super hot and I most likely won't want to be poolside.  But I'm hoping to get at least one dip in the pool.  Maybe in the morning when it's not too hot.

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