12 July, 2011

I cannot kick the Monday blues

Yesterday was not a very good day.  I was feeling the Monday blues big time.  The weather could have something to do with it -- the clouds rolled in Sunday evening and it looks like they are going to stick around all week.  I thought maybe my run would pull me out of it but it didn't.  I just couldn't get it going.  It was one of those running experiences that feels like I'm wearing ankle weights.  Dissatisfying.  When I don't have the right energy I can't get that endorphin rush.  And I had to wear a hoodie ALL DAY in my office, the air conditioning is so cold.  I have been told nothing can be done about it but ... well, the squeaky wheel, etc.  I plan on doing a little squeaking.

My evening wasn't much better although I felt a bit stronger on my evening workout.  Tink and I had a second walk around 7:30 and it was starting to sprinkle but never really rained hard.  I finally made my reservations for the Las Vegas trip in August.  My sister hasn't yet come through the with discounted rooms at Mandalay Bay and my friend Monika texted me that she found a great airfare/hotel deal through Expedia.  I checked it out and ran it past my sister.  She said to book it, which I took to mean that we most likely couldn't beat the price so it is done.  I'll be in LV August 6 and come back home August 9, which  means we'll have three days and nights and I'll have an extra day after I get home to recuperate, should I need it.  Hopefully I can get in to see a comedy show and maybe one of the old fashioned Las Vegas shows as well.  There won't be too many of us there, but enough for a really good party -- 10, I think, is the current count.  And we know it's going to be hot and sunny!

I picked up the Kaleidoscope cardigan last night and did another few rows on the sleeves.  I have just under 2 inches to go before the ribbing and then the button band and it's done.  The mitts .... well, I want to dig around and find the pattern I was using last winter for the convertible mitts.  I liked the thumb gusset on that pattern but I can't remember exactly how it goes.  Finding it .... that's the tough part but I am pretty sure I know where it is.

Well fingers crossed I'll have a good run this afternoon and pull myself out of this funk.  It's killin' me!!

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