27 September, 2011

Animated lenses

Every once in a while it feels like my contact lenses are alive.  And not in a good way.  This morning I popped the left one in and it almost jumped out of my eye on its own.  It burned something fierce!  I rinsed and rinsed and tried to insert it a couple more times but no matter which way I turned it there was no way.  I can't understand how something got onto it, but that's how it felt.  Maybe there was something in my eye to start but once the eye starts going red it is no use trying to force it. 

I made a few points on  Monday Night Football but I am dead last in my fantasy league. I'm going to have to make a few moves today.  Hopefully grab a couple of good players.  And somehow I ended up with two defenses.  It takes a lot of time and concentration to have a good fantasy team.  I can't justify all that time right now.  I have too many other things I'm ignoring. 

Case in point -- I had hours of leisure last night and I only did two rows on my cardigan.  I was SO tired.  I watched the second half of the game with one eye, took Tink for a pre-bedtime stroll and threw in the towel about nine.  I was planning on reading myself to sleep and that's what happened.  I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I must have been asleep before 10.  I needed it and I feel great today.  It's not raining and I should be able to have a good run at lunchtime. 

I sure hope we get good weather for the weekend.  My buddies and I are going to spend a couple nights with our friend John who has a super awesome "cabin" on Hood Canal.  He's finally retired up there now that his last child is in college.  I've always loved that place but haven't spent the night for years.  Tink will just love it -- the beach right out the front and a cat on the premises.  Kate and I will share a room with two small beds.  I hope she won't mind Tink sleeping in the room with us.  I just thought of that .... she is somewhat allergic but I think it's only to the saliva.  Anyway -- there are a few more long days to get through.

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