13 September, 2011

Not last!

Okay!  Week one of fantasy finished and although I lost my matchup by 4 points I am 7th overall.  I am just kicking myself though -- I had Green Bay's defense and if I had played them I would have won my matchup and been 6th.  Ah well .. live and learn.  Just as long as I'm not last.

I'm giving myself a little break for a couple of days after the race so no running yesterday or today or tomorrow.  I'll be back at it on Thursday so I can start getting ready for the Dawg Dash on October 23rd.  Now that the really warm weather is behind us, my lunchtime runs will be more comfortable.  It's hard to run in the heat.  The course for the Dawg Dash is a little more challenging than the Green Lake course because there is elevation and 3 or 4 different types of terrain.  As long as it's not raining and blowing it'll be a great race.  It was my first and I remember that I loved it.

It is that time of the year when my left arm and hand start hurting -- football knitting injury.  It is the purling that does it, especially with a small needle.  I am finished up with the ribbing on the cardigan I'm working on and so it should be a bit easier on me.  The ribbing was really interesting and I think it would make a striking scarf, especially if worked in a larger needle size - this ribbing was done on a 5.  It's a variation on the seed stitch but two stitches of each kind.  So k2, p2, k2, and whatever you end with that's what you start with on the way back.  It's reversible and very classic looking.  I might get some cashmere from Little Knits and double it up and make a scarf.  It would be a nice gift.

I found a great deal on air fare yesterday - it has gone down since I first started looking.  I have just another couple of things to get settled and then I can buy my ticket.  I'm excited now but just wait for another few weeks.  I won't be able to keep still!  Thank goodness I'm busy busy busy at work.

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