20 September, 2011

The trouble with being a smarty pants

There I was, working away on my cardigan, watching Monday Night Football. I was just starting the detail on the right front and after doing the tricky bit I realized that this was an English book and the instructions are written just a little bit differently. A yarn over is written as yarn in front and I hadn't remembered that, so I picked out the 26 stitches and got it right. Sailing along and I got to the end of the row and made another realization -- I had made a mistake in the ribbing on the button band. Remember, I had decided that I wasn't going to knit this in pieces since there was no reason at all NOT to knit the fronts, back and bands at the same time. I noticed that the mistake (which had to have happened when I was watching that Husky game on Saturday) was on the button side of the sweater so no matter -- I can put a button there and it won't be noticeable. Ah. And *then* I had an OMG moment. All my tricky little business, so smug I was. But I had forgotten that I had to make buttonholes on the right band and I had not been making buttonholes. Well, I'm not taking it out and starting over, that's for sure. I'll have to make loops for the buttons or change it to frogs or some other type of thing -- hooks or something. What a goof.

I didn't run or even walk yesterday at lunchtime. I was feeling very stuffy and so I went home a little early and Tink got a couple of nice walks in the sunshine. I feel better today but still stuffed up. I want to run because it's sunny today and it could be raining later this week. We have a guy in the department who is a running trainer and I talked to him in the hall last week, asking him for advice on how to increase my speed. We must have spent 10 or 15 minutes chatting and do you know what his advice is, basically? You want to run faster? Practice moving your feet faster. No kidding. That was it. Nothing special. Just run downhill a lot so you get used to moving your feet faster. Really? That's all there is to it? Gee, thanks. I guess you get what you pay for.

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