28 September, 2011

Red eyes

I wasn't the only one with irritated eyes yesterday.  Another person in the office had bloodshot eyes - they looked like mine felt.  Only hers didn't hurt!  She works in an entirely different part of the department than I do so I don't think it has anything to do with the air here.  Mine are fine this morning so ... yay me.

Work is absolutely crazy.  The students are nuts because today is their exam.  Yesterday I had a super great run - the weather was stunning - and got cooled off, had some lunch and then got the radiology faculty set up for small group sessions.  Only one guy had just purchased the latest and greatest laptop from the Apple store and it's so new that no one here has a VGA adapter that would fit it!  Five minutes before the first session is due to start we find this out, because he was late!  So I left them to sort out incorporating the group without an instructor and I got my new mac, got an adapter for it and downloaded the special software, not without considerable trouble.  By the time I was done with that the instructor had about 10 minutes before the next group was due and I was melting as if I'd just run another 2 1/2 miles!  Stress?  Not much.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I only get stressed out about 2 months out of the year and I am sure that there are plenty of people who would trade me places.  When I'm stressed I crave sugar and I must confess, yesterday I heard the siren song of a Seth's cookie.  It won.  And it was yummmmmmmmmmmy!

And then I was just a slug yesterday evening.  No knitting.  A couple of walks and a little dinner and some quality iPad time.  Monika gave me some Chinese herb sleep aids to try before I travel, since Melatonin doesn't really work that well and I don't want to take Benadryl on the plane since it's so drying.  Well, that seemed to work great, although I had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner.  I need to try it when I haven't had anything to drink.  Tonight might be the night because I will probably be still hyped up from today.

Tinkie is with me today - sleeping in the car in the parking garage.  I have to attend a social hour starting at 5:30 and I can't leave her alone that long.  She seems to like being in the car.  I will go out before lunch and give her a nice little walk in the sunshine, and then before the party.  I wish I could sneak her into my office, but then I'd have to keep the door closed and that is NOT an option.

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