15 September, 2011

Still gloomy

While I saw spots of blue yesterday afternoon, it never really cleared up yesterday and looks like it's going to be that way through the weekend.  We may even get rain.  I wish I could run today but I've got a meeting downtown and I don't want to be all post-run icky looking for it.  Tomorrow I'll have a nice run after the rest.

I was sucked into my iPad last night and didn't get any knitting done.  I want to finish up that cute little cloche hat this weekend because I think I'll be using it in the next few weeks.  What I need is a couple of quiet hours because I have to count while doing the short rows and I can't do that while watching football.  Maybe after the Husky game on Saturday I can do that.  They are playing Nebraska at 12:30.  That's going to be a good game.

I haven't had to use my sleep mask this past week either.  It was quite dark when my alarm went off this morning.  Might as well get used to that, I know.  I was thinking yesterday about how I don't even miss commuting by bike anymore.  I did it for nearly 20 years straight, which is amazing to think, and it only took me six months to be over it.  When I think of the hassle of having to pack clothes every day and change a million times a day, especially on running days.  It is so nice to get up and get dressed in nice clothes and know I'll be looking nice all day -- or until I go out and run.  But in the winter that's not as much of an issue as it is in the summer when it's hot.  Oh I get warm in the winter, but I don't melt.  It was nice to take that bike ride this summer and I only wish I had been able to do a few more.  I guess I could do a ride by myself, but that's not as much fun.  If I had a basket to take Tink with me, that would be fun.  I have seen people take their dogs in little trailers behind them.  That's a bit over the top, even for me.

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