19 September, 2011

Summer's last gasps

it was cloudy and even raining most of the weekend, but I woke up to lovely blue skies today and it is supposed to be nice and in the 70s all the rest of the week.  Beautiful!  I'm feeling a little stuffy this morning though.  I don't think I'll be running but maybe just take a nice walk instead.  I hope this doesn't turn into a cold. If it does I will blame Andy for coming to work sick!

Saturday Tink and I had a nice long walk in the mist, then I ran a couple of quick errands ... which could have been quicker had I not had to go back to get my wallet ... and then I settled in to watch the Huskies get absolutely creamed by Nebraska.  I must say though, they got a couple of truly bad calls that really turned the game around.  They were doing very well until then.  Even the announcers were surprised at the blatantly bad decisions the refs were making.  I haven't read the sports section yet but I imagine it will be discussed.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon knitting and watching football.  My fantasy team lost the matchup but only because three of my players were injured and had limited playing time!  Three!!  None of the injuries were bad so I am hoping I won't have to go shopping for replacements.  I am not very good at that.  While I was watching I got the pocket linings knitted into the cardigan fronts.  I must say, the directions were poorly written.  It took me a while to figure out that I wasn't supposed to slip the 26 stitches for the opening onto holders but was instead supposed to knit them ONTO holders.  That way the yarn is on the correct side of the piece when you start knitting the body again.  Also, the instructions don't say anything about what you're supposed to do with the tops of the pockets other than make a crochet border.  But how do you do that when they're on holders?  I don't know if I'm supposed to bind them off and then make the edging or somehow do it right onto the live stitches.  I've got a ways to go before I have to figure that one out, but it's going to be difficult.

I went out yesterday evening to a CD release party at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown.  It's a new venue and I really like it, although there are not nearly enough seats in the upstairs where the bands play.  It was crowded and we were standing next to this idiot who kept laughing after everything he said.  You know the type -- they can't say anything without adding a little chuckle.  That is, of course, because they are so incredibly insecure.  If they add a little laugh to everything they say then if they should inadvertently cause offense they can excuse it by saying they were just kidding.  It drives me crazy because it's so obvious!  Don't they  know everybody knows the ruse.  They might as well just wear a big sign around their neck saying "I'm an insecure idiot". 

Oh please don't let me be coming down with a cold!!!!

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