06 September, 2011

Thank goodness for the long weekend

because we hit it pretty hard on the first day of class.  I don't want to jinx it, but it has gone amazingly well so far.  For the first time I had all of the students take the first quiz on line with no paper copies needed.  That is huge.

I had a pretty  nice long weekend too.  The football was good - the Seahawks one their last preseason game and the Huskies won their first game, although non-conference.  The weather was spectacular the entire weekend.  Tink and I got up every morning and took a super long walk to the lake.  I got my chores done before the heat of the day got the better of me and then knit to my heart's content.  I finished the Kaleidoscope cardigan.  I got it blocked on Saturday and yesterday I bought buttons for it.  It's quite vivid, I know, but it will serve its purpose and be really cute in the right situation. You can't tell from the picture but I got just the right buttons.  Also, it does look like it's wonky on the bottom, that it doesn't match up, but it does.  It was just stretched funny on the dummy.

I also started a new hat.  I just couldn't help myself. It's SO cute!  Here's a picture from the pattern.  It's called Cloche Divine and here's a picture from the pattern.  It's kind of hard to see but the construction is very clever.

My back is feeling great today so I am going to run and hope that I can get my wind and stamina back up by Sunday.  The weather is going to be hot - in the 80s - all week and on Sunday, race day, it's supposed to be near 90!!  Thankfully the race is early in the morning.

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