16 September, 2011

In the words of the Temptations ....

"Get ready, 'cause here I come!"  Woohoo!  I got the last duck in a row yesterday, so to speak, so this afternoon I'm going to buy my ticket.  Excited?  Oh ... not much.

I had an annoying morning yesterday and was happy to have to leave early for my appointment.  It was sprinkling a little bit as I was driving downtown.  It never really rained, but is was misting most of the afternoon and evening.  Tink and I got a couple of good walks in and I sat down and just started working on the Cloche, deciding I would give myself a quiet hour before I cooked dinner to work on the hat, when my phone rang and it was my sister.  I talked her home and by that time all I could do was finish the one row I had started and then I had to get cooking.  I was very hungry.  I managed a couple more rows on the cardigan - only 2 1/2 more inches until something interesting happens - but threw in the towel and went to bed early to read and play with my iPad.  I wanted to go to sleep early but that didn't happen again.  I can sleep in tomorrow and I most likely will.

I'm feeling a little antsy.  I don't know why.  This afternoon I can run and maybe that'll take the edge off.  I have lots to do this weekend - football and cleaning mostly.  The weather isn't going to be very good.  Maybe I'll take myself to dinner on Saturday.  I think that's going to be my most antsy time -  just a feeling.  I can start researching things to do in London.  This time around I want to visit some galleries and museums since all I did last time was the Abbey.  Well, I didn't have that much time there actually.  This time around I will have plenty of time.  I've got a yarn shop already in my list.  That will keep me busy.  Suggestions welcome, of course.

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