26 September, 2011

How easily we forget

When I took Tink out for her morning walk it was raining!  As in "I wish I had my umbrella" raining.  We did a quick one and when I got upstairs I changed into my raincoat and grabbed my umbrella before I headed out the door.  I am very happy that I don't ride my bike to work because I hated riding in the rain the most.  And it was dark when my alarm went off this morning!  So dark that I thought the radio coming on was a mistake.  It was not.

The weekend was nice actually.  Sunny on Saturday and blustery but not bad on Sunday, at least where I was.  The wind blew quite hard and for a while on Sunday we lost the cable.  Thankfully it was after the majority of games had finished and before the evening game started so we just listened to music until it came back on.  The Huskies played a wonderful game on Saturday and won.  And the Seahawks won as well, but I didn't see much of that game since I was watching the Red Zone, which is all of the games.  I just love it.  Unfortunately my fantasy team .... ugh.  Just embarrassingly bad.  Terrible.  I have one more guy tonight but I don't hold out much hope for winning my match up.  And I am indeed last.  But there's next week.  Even Tom Brady had four interceptions. 

I really didn't do much knitting this weekend, for some reason.  Tink and I had some nice long walks, she got bathed and I had Monika and Andre for dinner last night. I cooked an autumnal dinner.  The first.   I should have worked on something while watching all that football but the game was just too exciting on Saturday and I didn't want to make any more mistakes.  I would like to get the body finished this week ... well, maybe that's too optimistic.  Perhaps I should just shoot for one of the sides to be finished.  That's more realistic.

Lots and lots of work to do this week.  And the weekend to look forward to --  my friend's cabin on Hood Canal and maybe even some mushroom hunting!

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