22 September, 2011

Say goodbye to summer

To be sure that we are not missing the changing of the seasons, today is cloudy and sprinkling.  It's not cold, and it is rather muggy.  I don't suppose there will be many more changes to run in shorts, and not today for sure.  I am just hoping it won't be pouring rain at lunchtime.

Booking my flight to Lux ended up to be a bigger chore than I had originally anticipated.  I started out doing it here yesterday afternoon, but I don't have my passport information on me and while I thought I had a copy of it in PDF format, I couldn't locate it.  Therefore, when I got home and after I got my dog walking and other little things done and dinner cooking, I sat down at the desk and set about getting the ticket.  I knew exactly which flight so I was quickly at the payment page.  I entered the credit card information and clicked 'send' and it returned an error message that the information was incorrect.  And even before I could register the fact that I had neglected to change the default expiration date of the credit card my phone began to ring!  That fast!  American Express was right on it.  I re-entered the correct information without taking the call, but it wouldn't accept it so I assumed I needed to clear it with American Express that the card wasn't being used fraudulently.  I called the number and went through the entire anti-fraud automated rigmarole.  This was not a fast process, by the way.  It was finally done and I entered the information again.  And the "Please wait while we process your information" screen sat and sat and sat and whirred.  In the meantime I did a quick job for work, checked on my dinner .... drummed my fingers and finally after about 10 minutes the screen appeared with the same error message.  Gah!!  So I telephone American Express again and got a live person and she apologized.  I assured her I was quite impressed with the speed in which they started inquiring about fraud and it was no problem as far as I was concerned.  I had to refresh the web page of the airline and start all over, basically.  It finally worked.  Yay me.

And that was the extent of the excitement last night.  I had dinner, walked Tink ... in the dark, by the way ...  There was nothing I wanted to watch on TV, so it was early to bed and I read and played with my iPad.  There's *always* something to do with my iPad.  Movies and TV and podcasts and music and games and books and magazines .... on and on and on.  Too much stuff, but I must say I can always find something to amuse myself with.  This is going to be great to travel with.  Usually I have a book or two with me on a long trip, not to mention some magazines.  That gets heavy.  It's all on the iPad now.

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