02 September, 2011

Friday at last!

Yesterday was SUCH a busy day I didn't have time to take a breath until after 6.  My working at home day on Wednesday was crucial and thankfully I woke up yesterday feeling nearly normal.  It was orientation day for both the medical and the dental students so I was running all day and it would have been horrible if my back had been as bad as it was on Tuesday.  Today I am about 75%.  Unfortunately I won't be able to run but I guess that's not the end of the world.  I'll have next week to get back into it and sometimes after a long rest time I am faster so that's how I'm going to spin it.

We have a long weekend - Labor Day weekend - coming up and the weather is supposed to be fine and hot.  That will be good for the Bumbershoot goers.  That won't be me, although this year actually there are some acts I wouldn't mind seeing.  But it's not something I'd go to alone.  I don't seem to have much trouble filling my weekends, even my long ones.  Tonight is the last pre-season game for the Seahawks and tomorrow is the first Husky football game of the season.  And there's cleaning to do, since I had a maintenance guy come to fix my toilet and of course he left dirty footprints on the already stained carpet.  I truly do have to try to be a bit more social.  I know it's not good for me to constantly spend so much time alone.  I think it'll get depressing when it starts being dark longer.

My friend Emma took a look at the web site for the hotel in Paris and decided it was fine with her, so she's going to book it!  Little by little the pieces are falling in place.  Pretty soon I will get serious about buying my plane ticket.  I am getting more excited each day! 

I did some good work on the sleeves for the new cardigan.  Maybe I'll take some pictures this weekend.  I love the color of the yarn!  It is a weird blend of milk fiber and wool.  It's very soft and no, it doesn't smell like milk.  This weekend I need to block the Kaleidoscope Cardigan and buy buttons for it.  Maybe I'll finish up the Cloisonne Jacket.  Is that too optimistic?  We shall see.

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