14 September, 2011

Wake up!

I slept like a log last night.  I don't think I moved once I fell asleep.  I didn't stay up too late, but then I started reading when I got into bed and you know how that goes.  I love having my Vanity Fair subscription on my iPad.  It's so handy.   But when the alarm went off I hit the snooze button .... four times!  I don't remember the first two times so I was a bit surprised at the time when I finally picked my iPhone off the dock.   Thank goodness there's nothing much going on this morning.  Just a little meeting at 9, so I'm okay.  Groggy though.

I brought my cardigan to noon knitting today.  Now that I am doing back and both fronts and bands it's slow going, although there is some detail on the fronts that will make it interesting, plus I'll be putting in the pocket linings which I haven't ever done before.  I'm looking forward to that. 

The sun has been scarce these past few days and I miss it!  We had such a nice long sunny stretch there that I forgot how gloomy it can be around here.  Although I don't see outside from my office I do enjoy getting a glimpse of the blue sky when I walk out for hot water or whatnot.  Maybe I should find some interesting posters for my icky office walls.  I could decorate the shelf brackets with fairy lights maybe.  I had the shelves themselves removed but the administrator didn't want to remove the brackets because that would mean having to repair and paint the wall.   Most days I don't even notice them but sometimes they stand out.  Today is one of those days. 

Now I just want to WAKE UP!!!

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