09 January, 2013

Dark and wet

That pretty much describes the past 24 hours and, most likely, the next as well.  The clouds have moved in, the temperatures have risen and it has been just pouring.  Even the dog is not excited about going outside.  Oh, she goes.  But he's not unhappy about going back in either.  I am thankful it's not snowing.

I worked from home yesterday and I'm happy to say, my new place is a joy to work in.  It's quiet, the light is good and my desk is comfortable.  I had given the IT guy at work a heads up and sent him my IP address, so when I did need to get onto the departmental server it was seamless and quick.  Perfect.  It's always nice to check these things out when it's not crucial.  Now if I get sick this winter I'll be confident I can get anything done from home.

In the late afternoon I hung a few more of my pictures and set up the front entryway to be a little more handy.  I put Tink's leash basket up there as well as a little table for my keys, and finally hung a mirror outside of the bedroom so I can get at least a partial look at myself.  I'll need to get some help to hang the larger pieces and the mirrors and I'm not yet certain of where the photos of Paris will go - most likely down the hall wall.  Baby steps. 

It's curriculum meeting day as well as noon knitting so no running for me.  I'll be fine - there is still more than a month to go before the race.  I don't like running in the rain, so if it's just too icky tomorrow I guess I'll try our fitness center at my new place.  It's very nice from what I remember of the tour. 

I finished the hat last night and tried to work on the Argosy wrap but I got sidetracked by a phone call.  I brought the lace blouse for noon knitting.  I don't suppose I'll get much done, but I'd like to try anyway.  Now I'd better have something to eat before the meeting.

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