04 September, 2014

An unexpected perk

Last Saturday was my regular hair appointment but I couldn't make it.  So I took a chance a booked an appointment with the salon where I got my nails done, a mile from my new place.  Wow.  What a difference.  I mean, she did an excellent job for half of what it cost at my other salon.  Half.  That's huge.  And I'm happy.

Well the Seahawks open the season tonight and the whole city is going nuts.  I have it sent to record.  Kick off at 5:30.  My fantasy QB and one of my running backs is on the opponent so I'm going to be having mixed feelings.  But I tried hard not to make any emotional picks this time.  I want to win my league, or at least be in the top three.  Fingers crossed.

Busy busy busy day.

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