11 September, 2014

Simple? Not hardly.

I hopped on the bus yesterday morning at 10 to make my appointment at the Genius Bar at the University Village Apple Store, which by the way was packed.  And even though I had made it clear on my appointment request, I had to leave my phone and come back in the afternoon to pick it up.  Hardly convenient but what could I do?  The instructions on the website for getting your battery changed say that you should back up everything to the Cloud, which I do, and then reset everything, virtually taking it back to new.   Then when you're done you just reinstall everything from the Cloud.  All well and good but when I picked up my phone they had started it rather than letting me restore from the Cloud.  So there I was with no contacts, no nothing on my phone and I had to go home and restore using my laptop.

Now here's the thing -- yes you get all of your contacts back, but all of your music and things like that are still in the Cloud.  I have to get on line and do some searching to find out how to get all my photos back.  Thank goodness they are on my iPad but it's not obvious how to get them back on my phone!  I rarely plug my phone into my iTunes on my laptop any more so I'm not up on all the changes there.  And the Apps -- you have to reload them one by one.  The good news is that you can see what you purchased and then just put the ones back that you actually use.   But all of your setting are wiped out there so you've got to re-sign in and/or enter all the info, like with my checking account, since I didn't pay for a backup service.  And my Audiobooks, well I am hoping it will sync up to the last position, like Kindle does.  It's just so very time consuming, trying to get everything back like it was.

Well I didn't even bother going back to work, since it was nearly three by the time I was out of the Apple store for the second time.  My idea was to go home and have a little nap, but then I had to plug my phone into my laptop and that started another mess.  My laptop is saying that my Windows is not a valid version, even though I've had this laptop (second hand from a faculty person who left) for over a year and used it for work.  I didn't bother bringing it in, but I will check with the IT guy about it.  I think when the course is over I'll just take my Macbook home with me and use that.  I love it and it's a much better thing than the PC laptop I have for home.

The sunshine came back but it was definitely chilly this morning.  I even got cold at night.  It will be hot this weekend but I'll bet it's the last of that.

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