05 September, 2014

Wins and losses

When I drafted my fantasy team I vowed to not make emotional choices.  So I didn't.  I got the best player available at the time and didn't worry about which team he was on.  I ended up with Aaron Rogers as my QB and Jordy Nelson as one of my WRs and they played the Seahawks last night for the season opener.  As a side note, Seattle was absolutely crazy yesterday!  And downtown at the stadium - bedlam.  A free concert by Pearl Jam and other bands and it was a scene.  Anyway .... of course the Seahawks won and I got only half of my QBs predicted points and most of my WRs.  Ah well -- the Seahawks won,  so I don't mind.  There are plenty of weeks left. 

I found out something about my iPhone's battery yesterday and I am so happy.  I knew something was wrong with it.  I have an iPhone 5 and my battery is so bad that I had to buy an external battery case because I couldn't even do a run using my Nike app with music and have it last for 30 minutes on a full charge!  It ends up that Apple has put out a list of serial numbers of phones with faulty batteries and mine is one of them.  I get a new battery!  yay!  I made an appointment to do it next Wednesday.

Yesterday was such a busy day and today is another one.  But it's Friday and we're going away at 4 o'clock to Alderbrook for the weekend.  I've got to give an exam this morning and get the grades all entered, hopefully, by the end of the day.  I am ready for a nice rest this weekend.  The weather will be stunning. 

Now I'd better get something to eat.

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