23 September, 2014

Moving on up

I did win my match up this week!  I've moved up to 6th place, which is awesome.  I have a tough opponent coming up though, so I will need a lot of luck to beat him.

I am not feeling so hot today.  I woke up a couple of times last night with a dry spot on my throat and coughing.  This is terrible terrible timing.  It is not a good time to be sick.  I'll ignore it and may it'll go away.

After some good knitting this weekend, I didn't even pick it up last night.  The beaded shawl is slow going, but it is going to be very pretty and when I do pick it up I usually get a lot done.  On Sunday I got four pattern repeats done.  I have to work late today so maybe I'll do a little knitting later this afternoon while I am waiting for small groups to finish. 

I watched a little football, watched an episode of The Outlander and then read for a little while before falling asleep.  I have so many good books on my iPad right now -- three, in fact.  I'm reading the latest by Martha Grimes right now and listening to another mystery on my audiobooks app.  Both British but entirely different types.  The narrator in the audiobook leaves something to be desired though.  He's not so great with accents.  He was trying to do a man with a Jamaican accent and at times he sounded Norwegian.  That's a little off putting, you know?

I have too much to do.  I've got to dig in.

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