10 September, 2014

Confusion reigns

Let's pull out all of the cliches, shall we?  Too many cooks spoil the broth. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  What else?  I completely understand how it happens but that doesn't lessen the frustration on my part.  The last two weeks of the course are still in disarray and I am unable to fix it because I cannot do what needs to be done.  I can't re-write the study guide chapters myself.  And if I'm not cc'd on the important emails I cannot make the changes to the schedule.  Am I to intuit that a guest lecturer wishes to move her lecture up a week?   So the students are confused and I'm frustrated.  It makes me unhappy.

What makes me happy though is that I get a new battery for my phone today.  Hoorah!  I've got an appointment at the Genius Bar at 10:20 this morning.  I'd better find the email that tells me how to prepare my phone. 

A little rain this morning.  I sure hope the sun comes out later today.  I need my sunshine today.  Really I do.

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