02 September, 2014

I told you so

That's not really a very useful phrase and as I get older I find that I rarely use it.  I think it a lot though.

As I suspected it was a very very busy long weekend.  Saturday morning bright and early I was at the truck rental place picking up a 15 foot truck.  The others met us at the apartment and at 9 we were getting the furniture and the rest of the heavy boxes and things out of the apartment.  We were unloaded by 1 pm.  Zippy fast!  The Huskies were playing at 7:30 but I managed to get a few boxes emptied before then.  They beat Hawaii, but only barely because their first string QB was suspended the first game.  Good thing it wasn't one that counted.  But, as I said, they won.

Sunday I got to sleep in just a bit then it was back to the apartment where I spent a few hours cleaning, spot cleaning the carpet, scrubbing floors, emptying trash, etc. etc.  All of the moving carts were being used so after hours of hard labor I ended up having to make five trips in the elevator carting down the cleaning supplies, the contents of the fridge and little bits and bobs.  Then I went to turn in my keys and got a great surprise.  The apartment is rented as of September 15!  Woohoo!  If it had not been rented I would have had to pay 6 weeks rent, but as it is I only have to pay two.  Nice!

More emptying of boxes when I got back, even though I was exhausted.  I hate chaos ,but I didn't make much of a dent.

Monday was my day, then, to make some progress.  I worked and worked and worked and got my dressing room looking quite presentable, plus books were put away, nice glass things in the display case.  In short, everything emptied and stored except the kitchen.  That's going to take some doing and it was an absolutely gorgeous day and I didn't want to waste the entire long weekend working.  We took Tink to a park by a river in Duval for a nice walk and a dip in the river, then we stopped for a nice cold beer, did my grocery shopping and came home.  Then I walked into my dressing room and found all my clothes on the floor (and draped over the shoe racks) and I wanted to scream.  See I had said that we needed THREE braces in the closet.  But no, that was not done.  The piece of wood that the brace was set into was put into the studs and that was that.  That's when I wanted to say "I told you so", but I did not.  No reason to do that.  It was obvious.  And it was a pain in the butt to get dressed this morning.

My fantasy draft started out great with me getting the first pick.  But when all was said and done I only got a B- grade.  We'll see how it unfolds.  I couldn't sleep after that being all wound up and today is the first day of class.  I sure hope I can sleep tonight!

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