19 September, 2014

I am truly happy it is Friday

I am beyond exhausted.  I could not believe it when the alarm went off this morning and even though I had slept like a rock last night, I could barely drag myself out of that bed!  All I can think about is crawling back into it, but there is a long long day ahead of me.

I have been driving to the transit center to catch the bus across the lake to work, rather than taking a bus from home to the transit center.  This is better for a couple of reasons - mostly because I don't have to wait for a second bus on my way home.  Yes, I have to drive in traffic, but at least I'm moving and I know it's going to be really worth it when the weather changes.  This morning as I was pulling into the parking garage a woman zoomed toward me and turned left into the parking garage right in front of me!  And then had the audacity and bad manners to flip me off!  She cut me off!  Of course at that time of the morning the only spots available are on the top of the garage and I knew I would be able to see who she was.  Indeed I did and she works here at the U.  I don't know what department, but she's been here nearly as long as I and always nods and smiles when we meet.  Obviously she didn't know it was me.  And now I am really pissed.  Not the way I want to start this day.  This long long day.

My proctoring doesn't start until 1:30, and then when the exam finishes at 4:30 I have to wait for the grades to come from the lab exam so that I can enter them into my spreadsheet and the boss can know who is in trouble in the class for the weekend.  I will be lucky to get on a bus before six.  Ah well.  I'm sleeping in tomorrow, that's for sure.  And tomorrow night it's out to hear some jazz.  I have mixed feelings about that because I don't think the band is going to be any good.  But it's always nice to get out.

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