12 September, 2014

Thank goodness for web searches

My main concern with my iPhone yesterday was my pictures.  The fact that they hadn't shown up when I synced with iTunes on my laptop had me a little scared, so I did some searching and found a person who had a similar experience and followed her instructions on how she fixed it.  Basically I had to reset it again (scary), then plug it into the wall (rather than through iTunes) and once you go through a few hoops you can choose to restore to the last backup.  And that, my friends, give you everything back the way it was, even the apps!  Yay!  It took a long time to get all of the photos reinstalled but now everything is back to the way it was and I'm happy I didn't lose any of my precious pictures.

Check out this flower.  I saw it when I was out for a little walk at lunchtime yesterday.  Does anyone know what it is?  It was on a shrub and there were lots of them.  It's about two or three inches across, and no obvious scent.  I just thought it was so pretty.

The sun is out again today but it was quite chilly this morning.  I know we're supposed to get back into the 80s for this next weekend and into next week, but the mornings and evenings are definitely starting to feel colder.  The leaves are taking their time turning, but I noticed these two last night, out of the entire tree.  In the picture, right in the center.  In fact, all the trees around - these are the only two starting to turn. It's not a very good picture.  I had to take it with my iPad since my iPhone was busy being restored.  The quality isn't good enough to blow up.  Maybe I can get another one tonight that's better.  See that dark hole in the middle?  That's where I saw seven deer come through early this spring.  Seven!

I have a big weekend planned.  First - sleep.  Well, no first I have an eye appointment Saturday at 9 am.  But Sunday I swear, I am sleeping in for as long as I want.  I am still sleep deprived after last weekend!  Maybe I'll have a nap tomorrow, because after the eye appointment it is going to be time to finish unpacking.  There are still kitchen and bathroom boxes to put away.  And knitting during football on Sunday.  Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

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